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My name is Chris Overall, the owner and creator of Overall Training. If it just so happens that you have stumbled upon this page in error then this is your chance to back out now. If you do not like sweat, working hard, and results- you may want to exit out as well ::insert evil laugh here:: HOWEVER, for those of you choosing to continue reading on- then it safe to assume you are looking to make a difference inside and out, I welcome and congratulate you!

“What makes Overall Training different from the rest?” you ask, well for starters: as well as the physical aspects of personal training, I also specialize in nutrition. Now- you may consider yourself an expert in the kitchen [and I applaud you for that] BUT if you rely on frozen TV dinners and a points system to regulate your meals and caloric intake, then you could probably use some one on one time with me to devise and customize a food plan without endangering your waistline. And for those of you that are not eating nearly enough because swimsuit season is upon us, you are doing long term damage to the body and cannot expect to see serious results while your body is willing storing fat because it is hungry.

The second differentiating fact from my methods vs. the others is Technique. I hate to break it to you, but you are not going to sign up with me and spend your entire session on the treadmill while I am nowhere to be found. Once we figure out the results you are looking to achieve, you will have a tailored exercise program to target those troublesome areas and I will be there to coach you throughout the ever-changing workout. If you are the shy/ quiet type and one on one training seems too intimidating, then I highly recommend you try my Bootcamp Sessions where you can suffer enjoy a workout with your friends and family. I welcome you to bring up to 4 additional people to train with us -AND- its a better bang for your buck as you get to split the costs.

Again, to recap- I do not believe in ‘fad’ diets and shortcuts that [simply put] DO NOT WORK; living healthy is a lifestyle change that I feel strongly about. I strive on being the best personal trainer in Orlando and I care about each and every one of my clients. This is my career and I promise to make sure that together we meet every single one of your fitness goals the safe and most effective way possible. When you chose me as your personal trainer, you are also joining my [Wolf] “Pack”, meaning this is a brother/sisterhood; I will make sure you stay on the path to success and do not stray as temptation often makes us do. With me you will never be alone on your journey to a more Positive, Happier, Healthier YOU!


When you join my Pack you will also make a “Pact” with yourself, which reads:

  • I WILL Be Dedicated
  • I WILL NOT Fail
  • I WILL NOT Quit
  • I WILL Succeed


So Make a Pact, Join the Pack! The time is NOW!

If you are one of the brave souls that made it the bottom of the document and were not scared off by my words, feel free to peruse the webpage and be sure to visit my Training Packages page to view our pricing details and Specials we are offering. Please email me if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or need additional information.