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Hello again. In case you bypassed the Home Page, my name is Chris Overall the “Pack Leader” and I have been a Personal Fitness Trainer/ Motivator since 2008, although it feels like longer. I have many friends and family members in the sports and fitness world including my uncle, Hugh Overall, the Director of Fitness at Interlochen Country Club located in Winter Park, FL. I have spent numerous hours in gyms and gym-like settings but more importantly I was employed as a personal trainer with the largest corporate gym in the country, Golds Gym. To further my credentials, I am certified through NASM: the National Academy of Sports Medicine.

As someone aspiring to be the top personal trainer in the Central Florida area, I specialize in Rapid Fat Loss, Toning, Athletic Training, Nutrition and Supplementation. I am knowledgeable in many different types of training techniques to maximize results. I am always studying and reading up to ensure my knowledge is at its peak and that I am current on the newest trends, exercises, techniques and nutritional facts.

I am a firm believer that if hard work is not put in, do not expect to get results out; I do not believe in the taking the easy way out or giving up! If you want REAL RESULTS I cannot get you there without your hard work and dedication. Since this is a brotherhood, I will be working hard as well: creating customized workouts and nutrition plans to meet your needs for maximum results. You do not want to plateau and my job is to make sure that will never happen, so expect a new challenging workout plan each time we meet.

In order to maximize efficiency I have a few rules that should be followed prior to entering my studio. The first and biggest is that all Negativity and the  “I Can’t” Attitudes be left at the door. That also goes for laziness and procrastination, I do not have time for that and am highly allergic, so keep it far away! It is important for you to realize that success cannot be achieved with any of the above actions bogging you down or holding you back. With me as your Personal Fitness Trainer/Motivator I will get you out of that mindset and change your way of thinking which will reflect inside and out. I am a very Energetic, Positive, Vibrant, Confident person and I love to share my energy with people, I am highly contagious in these aspects.

The last point to recognize is as your Personal Fitness Trainer/Motivator you are making a “Pact” with not only me but more importantly yourself!

The Pact:

  • I WILL Be Dedicated
  • I WILL NOT Fail
  • I WILL NOT Quit
  • I WILL Succeed

The time is NOW! and if you start now, you will start seeing results one day earlier than if you wait until tomorrow. START TODAY!

If you want to know more about me or if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

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